Terrarium TV Review

Terrarium TV Review

Everyone must have known about Netflix. It is a company which offers a wide variety of popular movies and TV shows. Of course, we need to pay it in order to enjoy the service. If you cannot afford it, then Terrarium TV is your alternative choice. It is an Android app that allows us to watch a number of films and shows. The difference between this app and Netflix is that it does not require any payments. Are you interested in this app now? Then read this Terrarium TV review to know more about it.

Terrarium TV Review – Features of Updated Version

Terrarium TV has a lot of features which can interest you to install it immediately. Most of them will ensure to entertain us completely during the streaming. Without further ado, here are the features you can enjoy once you have installed the app.

Get app from here: Download APK for Android and then install on iOS device from this link

  1. This app will offer you more than 40 movies in 4K resolution. So, you can watch the videos in such a crystal-clear image.
  2. Besides 4K, it also has other types of high resolution you can enjoy, which are HD (720) and Full HD (1080).
  3. The other best feature of Terrarium TV is its free of charge service.
  4. The servers used in this app is quite fast. So, you may not experience buffering that much unless you have a low-quality Internet connection.
  5. In this app, we can watch almost all movies and shows.
  6. If you do not like streaming, the app allows you to download it so you can watch it offline.
  7. The app also offers multiple subtitles. That is certainly a good news to non-English speakers.
  8. You find some great movies but are unable to watch them now? Then you can just mark them all as your favorites so you do not have to search them all over again.

These are only a few interesting features provided by the app. You can still find some more if you have used it on your own.

Terrarium TV Pros and Cons

By looking at its offers, Terrarium TV is quite enchanting to some people. But, compared to other similar apps, is it the best ones? To let you decide it, let’s discuss its pros and cons.

The pros of the app:

  1. We can use the app for free
  2. It is available for devices like Android and PC (install on Windows from here)
  3. It has various contents with different genres for users to choose
  4. We can bookmark our favorites with a single click

The cons of the app:

  1. Sometimes the subtitle is not synced well with the video we are watching
  2. There are some internal technical issues to deal with
  3. It takes too much space of our memory device
  4. Its downloading speed is quite low

Final Verdict

So, what do you think about the app after reading this Terrarium TV review? Although it has some flaws, this is still a great app ready to entertain us anytime. But, if you want to use it, make sure that you already setup VPN server to prevent any risks. You must keep in mind that this app is not yet officially available for all devices.