Terrarium TV Chromecast – How To Setup & Working Guide

Terrarium TV Chromecast – How To Setup & Working Guide

Watching your favorite movie online can be really easy because there are so many movie or TV apps on Google Play Store that you can download. One of the best apps is Terrarium TV Chromecast. It is a streaming TV Online that provides so many movies and dramas. You can watch your favorite movie on your android device. However, you may feel uncomfortable because your smartphone screen is too small. Can you actually connect it to your television?

Well, it is totally possible to connect your smartphone to your television. Today, you can actually use a device called Chromecast made by Google. You can connect your Terrarium TV app to your television. This Terrarium TV Chromecast allows you to connect your android device screen and it will show up on your television. But, you need to buy the Chromecast device first and then you can plug the device into your TV through HDMI port.

So, if you want to enjoy your movie on a big television screen, then you need to have three devices. They are an Android smartphone, Chromecast device, and the Television. Plus you also need to download the Terrarium TV Chromecast apps to connect your smartphone to the TV. How to setup Terrarium TV on Chromecast?

Terrarium TV Chromecast – How To Guide

You can actually set up the Terrarium TV on Chromecast easily when you have those three required devices. But, you have to remember that your Television must have HDMI port to plug the Chromecast Device. If you wonder how to set up the Terrarium TV on Chromecast, then you can follow some of the tips below.

Complete guide to setup with Chromecast

  • Step 1: Prepare the Devices (TV, Chromecast device, and Android Smartphone).
  • Step 2: Download the required apps (AllCast and Terrarium TV app). These applications are essential to move next step so that you must download them.
  • Step 3: Open the Terrarium TV app and choose an online movie that you want to watch.
  • Step 4: While you select the video, there will be some options to play. You can choose “Open With” to play through Terrarium TV Chromecast.
  • Step 5: In the new window, there will be options to choose the device to play the video. Find Allcast app and then just tap on it.
  • Step 6: The app will search for players and then there you will see the Chromecast device. Just choose the Chromecast device showed.
  • Step 7: Finally, your Terrarium TV movie is now connected to your TV and you can watch it on a bigger screen.

Well, those are several steps on how to set up Terrarium TV on Chromecast.  It is really easy and simple. This choice is only for those who want to watch the movie or videos on Terrarium TV on a big screen. However, you can still watch it on your smartphone without Terrarium TV Chromecast if you feel comfortable with a small screen.

Today, most of the televisions support HDMI, especially for flat TV that you can buy in the market. Moreover, you still need to buy the Chromecast device from Google.  It must be so much exciting when you can watch your favorite movies through Terrarium TV Chromecast.