Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK file Download

The Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK is ready to download, and this is a moment of joy for most of us. The reason is simple, Terrarium TV is one of the best apps that you can use to get immediate access to the latest movies and shows free of charge.

The best part is that the Terrarium TV latest version 1.8.0 APK can be downloaded with ease right now and the results are astonishing. That makes Terrarium TV a really good tool to use. And it does bring in front an outstanding value and quality as a whole, which is extremely impressive.

What’s new in Terrarium TV 1.8.0?

The Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK includes some really interesting changes when compared to the other versions. Not all of them are major, but there are some good changes that all users will like a lot. First, you have a new provider named Alluc which is widely known online for offering high-quality movies in HD format.

And the best part is that there are some fixes for the regular TV show providers, which is a very good thing to have considering that many of these providers don’t get touched on after adding them. The same thing happens for the existing movie providers too they get some fixes as well.

   Download 1.8.0 APK file

That being said, Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK also comes with a much better user interface, and it even has a better performance too. This brings in front some nice things to take into consideration and results are outstanding because of that reason alone.

The Play With system is improved here too. Terrarium TV updated version also has a great episodes checker now that improves on the previous version quite a lot. Being able to find new episodes is easier now, and the app will make it better and faster to get access to all those amazing shows that you watch all the time.

Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK also updates some of the translations. While there’s no word on new languages, it’s important to note that there were some fixes for a few languages. So, that may be the case here.

Just like any update, Terrarium TV app also comes with its fair share of fixes for crashes and bugs. Whether you like it or not, the app is not optimized for any devices, so crashes and bugs may appear. But these are solved, and results do tend to get better because of that. They also fixed the Trakt.Tv collection and favorites sync process. The value is outstanding this way and results are unlike anything you have ever seen. It is worth your time and effort, that’s for sure.


As a whole, the Terrarium TV 1.8.0 APK is a great update. And it does offer some consistent modifications and updates to the original app. The better UI, the Alluc addition, and improved performance are great things to have here, and it goes to show just how impressive and useful the Terrarium TV can be. If you use this app, then download Terrarium TV APK to get the latest update, as there are plenty of new things and fixes that may be worth it for you!