Is Terrarium TV Legal & Safe to Use?

Some of you may have been familiar with Terrarium TV? It is an Android app where people can use it to stream movies or TV series. You even can find some latest popular shows in this app. What’s more is that you can watch everything here for free. This app is currently available on devices which use Android Operating System. Besides smartphone and tablet, Smart TV can apply the app too. Other devices with different OS can access it as well, but it will require a certain method. Due to this reason, no wonder that most people would love to use the app. However, not less of us have one question to the app, and that is, “ Is Terrarium TV legal?”

Terrarium TV Legal – Is It Safe to Use Terrarium TV?

According to the official website of Terrarium, their app is totally legal. They also added that it is a streaming app. It is not like the illegal act known as torrenting (P2P). From this explanation, we can assume that it is safe to use Terrarium TV. They prohibit any users to share or upload any videos from the website, though.

On the other hand, the European Court of Justice has a different statement about the legality. They said that any copyright-protected videos obtained from a website without the approval of the copyright holders are considered as an illegal act. Thus, there is no doubt that we cannot use this app just like that in Europe. Furthermore, some other regions may have a similar law about this issue. That means Terrarium TV is not as legal as the official website has confirmed. Consequently, we will not be able to use or even download and install the app that easy.

However, we do not say that you cannot use it at all. It is up to you to go ahead and use the app. But, please keep in mind that when you fall into trouble, you will be on your own.

How to Stay Safe While Using Terrarium TV?

Although we already know it is illegal, some of us may still want to use the app no matter what. It is not surprising since most people would love to watch new movies without paying anything. If you really want to use it without getting into troubles, there is one way you can do. That is using VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is a server that helps to hide your IP address. By that, you can do any online activities anonymously. Moreover, your traffic during the use of the Internet will be encrypted. As a result, no one will know what sites you are visiting or files you are downloading.

There are several VPN servers you can choose. ExpressVPN is one of the best choices. Here are a few steps to get the server.

  1. Go to ExpressVPN and sign up to make an account
  2. Download and install the server on your Android
  3. Open the Terrarium app and connect it to the server so it can hide your IP address

So, is Terrarium TV legal? From the explanation above, we can say it is not legal at all. But, you still can use it as long as you have VPN server. Once you have the setup, you can apply the app anytime you want.