How To Activate Pluto TV?

Watching TV these days is definitely nothing like it was when television first started. Far away from the black and white limited channels that streamed only some hours a day and with a quite restricted content, TV nowadays is a whole experience. Starting from the fact that we have smart HD devices with an amazing frame of colors and quality image and continuing with the fact that local channels were replaced by cable TV that is now being replaced by online streaming channels. Television in the modernity is obviously quite different. But the main problem with this evolution is that, sometimes, in order to improve some features, advances tend to forget about old appealing attributes. That’s exactly the case that Pluto TV took advantage of, to bring an interface that covers every viewer needs. Let’s see how to activate Pluto TV in the below section.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a content provider that works with an interface that allows viewers to receive the content both by channeling and on demand. This means that with Pluto TV you’re able to surf through the content as you would usually do on your cable tv or you can actually search, select and stream a specific content.

Pluto TV Features & Advantages

Surely we’ve all passed through that moment when we want to watch something but we just don’t get decided. Well, “on demand” services such as every other streaming service (Hulu, Netflix, etc), tend to create the anxiety of too many contents available that tends to difficult the decision. Cable mode on the other side allows you to get “hooked” on any show streaming you happen to find in the channels.

With Pluto TV you have the best of both worlds so if you know what you want to watch, just stream it and if you don’t, then feel the comfort of channel surfing until you find out.

Another great Pluto TV feature is that you can select your favorites, set alarms for any show and also feel sure that if you can’t assist the schedule for the show, then you’ll find the show later for your convenience. This way, you make sure you won’t get the show when it is already started as sometimes happens with cable services.

The best part is that all the content available on Pluto TV comes from other content providers deals and free streaming content. The only disadvantage is that, as Pluto TV is still new, live and new content might be a little bit restricted, for now.

How To Activate Pluto TV

To activate Pluto TV you need an activation code that can be found on channel “000”. Once you get the code, you need to go to and enter that code.

Automatically you’ll be able to activate Pluto TV in devices such as Roku TV. The thing is that this method only works on Roku 3 and Roku HD stick.

Another way to activate Pluto TV in case you have another device is by downloading the app on an Android device and screening it directly on your smart TV or older Roku versions.